Thursday, January 6, 2011

Planning the Garden means Planning Nutrition

Since I am a little laid up here, I decided to start planning my garden that I will use to supply most of my food for my diet in the coming months. I will get into the ins and outs of the plan and the steps I take through this process in later posts, but I figured I would let you know what book I picked up and began reading about this.

The book is Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. The link on the right looks like it is a newer version compared to the one I am reading, but that is fine. If you want to purchase it, you will have new and more up to date info than I do, so you'll have to share a little info with me. My father in law was the one who gave me the book and it seems like a great way to get into gardening with less work and less waste in the way of harvest. I am not too far in, but as I read, I will let people know about my plan. I am looking forward to getting started.

As far as the injury is concerned, it is only day one and I already have cabin fever. Oh well, more time to read. Thanks for reading.


  1. Second time trying to post a comment - I find your blog very interesting and would like if you'd elaborate a little on the raw/almost vegan diet you followed, and whether this (having helped you both with weight, etc.) has since evolved to include a broader range of foods or cooking.

    I look forward to more posts.

  2. My apologies on the Comment portion not working.

    I did what was called a Candida diet. Now Candida is not actually the diet but rather the problem or disease that the diet was supposed to fix or cure. I have a couple of links here that explain it and funny thing is that it is becoming more and more common. My guess would be that we eat (as a society that is) so many highly refined carbohydrates, that we create the perfect environment for this stuff in our gut.

    The diet that I did was similar to a Raw diet in that we were eating fresh salads, fruits, and smoothies/juices (bought a juicer for this) and none of them were cooked. The only difference was an occasional meal that was cooked with either poultry or fish. This is why I say close to Raw/ Vegan or Vegetarian.

    I am currently working on going Vegetarian and sticking with Raw foods, but as I train, I am trying to find a natural and slow way to ease myself from the meat.

    The above link is the actual program that we went on, 12 Week Candida. It was tailored to our desire to have a more vegetarian and raw diet, but not much was needed to make that change as you will see.

    As far as helping with a broader range of foods and cooking, you cannot imagine how much my beliefs have changed. I look forward to trying new vegetables and was pleasantly surprised when I tried vegetables that I hated as a child and loved the taste of now. My habits, tastes, and beliefs changed from this. I was a bit of a zombie about food, and did not want to believe that nutrition was this big secret that people were trying to have us forget. But after seeing this transformation that my wife and I have gone through, it is hard to argue with it. It took a while for me to wake up to the fact that I was poisoning myself with food, but I have never felt better and it was all thanks to changing my horrible eating habits.

    I really hope I am able to answer your questions about this. Thank you for the comment. Hope to hear from you again,