Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Added a Countdown!

In an effort to get serious about my goals and make sure that I not only compete but also do the best that I can, I added a countdown clock to the blog. My goal is to compete at my belt level (currently white, but whatever that is when April rolls around) and to be in the 155 weight class. As that stands, I need to lose an additional 20 pounds to make that weight. I have a diet that will allow me to do that and I am developing and exercise routine that will supplement my time in the gym. With all that, plus meditation and practice centering my mind, I believe that this is not only an attainable goal, but I should be successful in the competition.

I want everyone to take notice of the countdown and realize that from this day forward I am putting all my effort toward making the goal a reality. The next 90 or so days will be focused on everything it will take to win.

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